Grow your business by having your own website or online store!

Online Store

Unique. Modern. Easy to use. I will develop an online store for Your business. Let Your customers buy Your products/ services from the comfort of their home. I will help with choosing the most suitable domain name and hosting register them for You.


Fast. User-friendly. Original. I will create/ redesign Your website and make sure it looks exactly as You envision it on all devices. I will help with choosing the most suitable domain name and hosting register them for You.

Social Media

I will create a page for Your business in the chosen from You social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Creation of Business Email Account

The @yourbusiness emails look professional and is more trustworthy when clients see it. What is more, it can be personalized to each member of Your team and is easy to remember.


Website development
Online shop development
Website and online shop support
– adding, changing and editing text
– processing, adding and replacing images
– adding and deleting pages or files
– adding and removing products
Online marketing
Selection and registration of a domain
– The domain is the name of Your Web page. Your site is linked to and physically located on a specific IP address. However, since it is too hard to remember a DNS (Domain Name System) is entered. It converts the domain into the corresponding IP address. Choosing the right domain also helps SEO optimization.
SEO of sites
Online advertising
Redesign – a new vision of your current website/ online store
Creating and maintenance of Your social media page

About me

In September 2017 I received a certificate of professional training, profession Marketing Expert, Organizer of Internet Applications, E-Commerce. The training and examinations took place at the Net IT Training Center. I was awarded the same licensed training center with a certificate in English for completed training and module skills. In 2017 I received a computer skills certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science. In 2017 I received a certificate in English. In March 2018 I began a course in Software Engineering in Software University. In April I passed an exam on the first module – Programming Basics with Java. In September 2018 I was awarded Grade B in the Certificate in Advanced English. In July 2019 I received a certificate of professional training, profession Web Development, Organizer of Internet Applications, E-Commerce from the NetIt Training Centre. I was also awarded with a certificate in English of Completion “Course in Web Development”. In September 2019 I began studying Computer Science in the Universiyu of Surrey, UK.

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My Projects

Check out some of the projects I have worked on in the past:


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What is SEO?

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the activity of improving and promoting websites/ online stores in order to increase the number of visitors. There are many aspects of[…]

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